The totemic women
I sculpt
are born of remnants.
The source of their vulnerability
is also the source of their strength and power.
From Boston to Barcelona I scour streets and trolley tracks,
sea coasts and woods for rusted metal, wood, stones,
arresting rubble.
I gather roots and branches ripped from trees,
rocks shattered and chiseled,
stones worn down by the sea.

Beginning with the face,
I work intuitively,
never knowing in advance where that work will take me.
I incorporate found materials into the figures
as I construct forms
with wire, plaster, wood pulp, volcanic ash or clay

Empowered by the yoking together of scraps and shards
from  industry and the earth,
these figures, alone or in concert, are message bearers:
they sing, speak, shout,
offer up touchstones and amulets
to rouse and galvanize the viewer.
They stand as
voices for the voiceless
and the unheard.